Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Day

(Relatively) Locally Harvested Tea

Today our neighbor Michael appeared at the door with a bag full of weeds in his hand. "I heard you coughing, so I hiked for 45 minutes over to Loma Verde and grabbed some of these herbs to make you tea. It'll make your cough go away."

Who ever said an idle brain was the devil's playground?

Worst Graduation Speech Ever

These were the subdirector's closing remarks at the Escuela Maureen Courtney Graduation Ceremony:

"Only 13 of you showed up at the Graduation Mass [as Susan pointed out, the other 15 are probably Jehovah's Witnesses], and I hardly saw any parents. I'm very disappointed in you. I hope as your children move on to secondary school, you will be better, more supportive parents. I thought about canceling graduation, but you're lucky we have hearts of cotton. Congratulations to all those who showed up and those who didn't show up!"

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  1. It's nice to have a funny story after the grisni siknis!