Monday, April 12, 2010

In response to David Weasley's call for job statements

I am powerful beyond my understanding or imagining
I am gentle as a mother's caress
And strong as the beacon of a lighthouse
On the stormiest of nights.
Illuminating darkness,
Sunlight shining on a laughing dancing river,
And that is enough.
I know a stronger light shines through me,
And I am ever expanding to encompass it.
I know that all people are worthy of love
And my ability to forgive goes deep as the ocean
And all sorts of creations make their home there.
My smile washes warm like the Caribbean
My truth stings like salt in the nose of the one caught unaware.
I am capable of tremendous patience
For searching through the selection of scripts
for malice, mistrust, and bitterness
To find a sheet of the musical score for God's breath.
I am capable of tremendous impatience,
Refusing to accept the written pages I am handed as engraved stones
I know that something radical is always breaking through,
Even in this moment.
My name is Kathryn Ray, and I defy physics.

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