Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Feel More Nicaraguan When I

1) Decide not to do anything because it's raining.
2) Open something with my teeth.
3) Add the phrase "God willing" to the end of my sentences.
4) Think 40 minutes late is pretty close to on time.
5) Wear perfume.
6) Paint my nails.
7) Delay on tutoring a student because I'm talking with one of the teachers.
8) Tell a lie to create a more socially acceptable response.
9) Clean my shoes.
10) Bathe two or more times a day.
11) Refrain from bathing because I'm too hot and sweaty.
12) Wear shoes so as not to be adversely affected by the relative coolness of the floor on my bare feet.
13) Share what I'm eating with everyone around me.
14) Agree with someone to make them feel supported even if I'm actually ambivalent.
15) Ask someone a question about their health or relationships that I would otherwise consider too personal, for the sake of showing interest in their lives.
16) Sympathize with the personal woes of a relative stranger.
17) Freely dispense advice or overt displays of compassion.
18) Address someone by a physical characteristic, such as weight or skin color (I still rarely bring myself to do this).
19) Take time to rest without feeling guilty or unproductive.
20) Say "tuani" to mean cool, "dale pues" to mean "okay, then," "pata," or paw, for foot, "oy," "que honda?" for "what's up?" or "fachenta" to mean "show off."

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  1. OK, I have a little Nicaragua in me--the part about saying something to please someone even if it's not exactly true. I'm just not sure how to feel about that, though.