Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I May be Getting the Jump on Lent, But...

I was studying music that I brought back with me from the misa campesina at the Batahola Norte Cultural Center in Managua, and I discovered one with a familiar tune. I wrote a translation for the lyrics, posted below.

"Cuando un niño"
To the tune of "Were You There When They Crucified my Lord"

When the little hungry children ask for bread
When they weep because no one answers their plea.

Oh oh oh, I tremble for you, my Lord, you're suff'ring, crying, dying
With the starving children you are dying, too.

You are dying when poor people become slaves,
When they shout out to demand their freedom.
Oh oh oh....
When the poor become slaves, you are dying, too.

When I feel the world is torn apart by war,
When a brother his own brother seeks to kill,
Oh oh oh....
With those who are dying, you are dying too.

When you are sick and dying at my side,
When I forget your hunger and your pain,
Oh oh oh...
When I'm stupid and I'm selfish you die, too.

And for all you who speak Spanish, here's the original:

Cuando un niño con hambre pide pan,
Cuando llora pues nunca se lo dan,
Oh oh oh, tiemblo por ti, Jesús, sufres, lloras, mueres,
Con los niños de hambre mueres tú.

Mueres tú cuando un pobre esclavo está,
Cuando grita pidiendo libertad,
Oh oh oh....
Con los pobres esclavos mueres tú.

Cuando siento que el mundo en guerra está,
Que el hermano al hermano matará,
Oh oh oh...
Con las gentes que mueren mueres tú.

Cuando pasas enfermo junto a mí,
Cuando olvido tu hambre y tu sufrir,
Oh oh oh...
Por mi absurdo egoísmo mueres tú.

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